Who I am

My name is Judy Marshall and I am a Nurse Practitioner trained in conventional medical methods. I utilize functional medicine principles in my approach to patients. I am currently taking courses on the road to certification in functional medicine. Stay tuned for updates in my progress on that path.

I grew up Catholic and all catholic girls of that age aspired to be a nurse, a teacher, or a nun. The latter two were out, so I settled on nursing. But it was really more than settling, because I was a patient as a baby at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and I proclaimed my desire to be a nurse from about age 7. I was again a patient there when I was 17 and proclaimed that my goal after graduation from nursing school was to work at this hospital.

I graduated from Purdue University in NW Indiana in 1978 with an Associate Degree in Nursing. During Nursing School, I worked as a nurse’s aide in a Nursing Home and then on a surgical ward in a local hospital.

My first position as a nurse was on a telemetry unit in the same hospital. Telemetry was just invented, and I was hooked on cardiology. I loved being able to teach my patients how to change their life style for the better and to hopeful prevent a future heart attack or stroke.

But my love was pediatrics.

More later, as I have to attend to my blog…

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