When I grew up, we ate natural, home cooked food, played outside all day, and spent time with our families and friends.

The world is an ever changing place, and in medicine, I have seen more and more chronic illness and disease. I work mostly in pediatrics, and sadly, chronic disease is no longer exclusive to the aging population.

As a medical Professional, I have long touted the dangers of food additives, overuse of antibiotics, processed foods, sedentary life style, poor sleep habits and high stress levels.

Then I discovered the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). When I first heard about it, I thought it was a bunch of hooey and new age. However, as soon as I started reading about it, I realized it was completely in line with everything I believe in regard to keeping ourselves healthy. What amazed me is that these concepts will not only KEEP us healthy, they will RESTORE us to health. It was kind of like when I worked in my first nursing position on a cardiac telemetry floor (the first of its kind in that region) and discovered that not only can people survive after a heart attack, they can actually heal and strengthen their heart.

I signed up for the two free classes in February 2019 and was immediately hooked. I now have finished the Introductory course and the 6 Advanced Practice Modules. I am currently finishing my Case study and will take the exam in November. With luck (and a lot of studying) I hope to get a certification in Functional Medicine.

I ❤️ Food

The Neighborhood Nurse
Judy Marshall, MS, APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Certified Personal Trainer


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